Helping and Learning

Slumming it in Memphis. Literally. For the next three weeks my home is a little corner of a geography class room. We have set up a free medical care clinic in an elementary school outside of Memphis, Tennessee. Our program is called “Hope of Martin”. The Navy, Air Force, Marines and countless volunteers are providing free medical and dental care. Throughout the course of our stay we will provide over a million dollars of free care, medicine, dental procedures, and prescription glasses to people in need. Sometimes the poor in America are invisible and ignored. So it is amazing when programs like “Hope of Martin” emerge and are successful. It both shines a light on the problem of American Poverty and really helps the community.

This is an amazing program that allows medical workers the opportunity to refine their skills and give back to their communities. It really is impressive to see the attentiveness, care and selflessness of the people volunteering in the program. The community is really benefiting and it is amazing to be a vector of change.

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Island of Kauai, Hawaii

I just returned from the most amazing deployment. I spent two weeks on the Hawaiian island of Kauai with the Air Force National Guard. I volunteered for a humanitarian mission which provided free dental and medical care to over 5000 residents of Hawaii. The mission was called “Tropic Care“.

Where did we stay?

In a high school gym on army cots.

What did I do? 

During my time off I rented a classy convertible and explored the island. It rained a lot while we were there so I only sun bathed once!