Don’t go to Disney when you’re sick

Today we made the huge mistake of going to Eurodisney.993369_10151783220150813_2055094664_n

  1. Because Jenny was massively sick.
  2. I’ve already been there.
  3. It’s very expensive.
  4. It’s just like Disney in America.

I don’t know why we decided to go. I think we would’ve had a better time exploring Paris more. But we went to Euro Disney.

Jenny was at the middle stages of some sort of head cold/flu and she was not a happy camper. So a majority of the time there was spent by me trying to cheer her up. Also Disney doesn’t have very many actual rides. Like the Disney in America it’s catered to children. So most of the rides are animatronics train or boat rides. The lines in the park were insane. So I think we only ended getting on five or six things before we left.1175627_10151783220600813_69001212_n

The whole trip was kind of a bust. But now I know. When in Europe don’t go to Disney. 1078122_10200245993823788_1609516630_n

How to find a man in a kilt.

1186026_10151783189645813_1306281738_nI wish we had allowed more than two days in Scotland. Glasgow quickly became one of my favorite cities, and it think Jenny’s least favorite?

Sometimes when you travel with a friend you get to learn more about them. I’ve learned that while Jenny and I are similar in many ways we travel very differently. I like to get up early, walk everywhere and see EVERYTHING. Jenny likes to sleep in, hang out and a move through sites a little slower.

My admiration for walking created a problem early on because Jenny had left her good walking shoes in Richmond. So she was having a lot of feet problems.

To be fair by the time we reached Glasgow we had been traveling for over a week so we were both pretty tired. But Jenny just seemed kind of over it. I wanted to walk through Glasgow university but I had to drag her along. She even fell asleep on our bus tour. But I did convince her to wake up and go to a really cool restaurant built inside an old church. She had haggis and said it was the best thing she’d ever eaten.

Where did we stay?

Euro Hostel Glasgow

Accommodations: After over a week of sharing dorm rooms we paid a little extra ($25 per night) to have our own room with a bunk bed.

Location: Excellent. Within walking distance of major streets and sites.

Service: TERRIBLE. Let me explain…

  • We booked a trip through the hostel to go to Lochness in advance. The hotel LOST our reservation. Even though I had my confirmation number and everything they said they had already sold our seats to someone else. Since it was so last min there were no other companies in town with availability. So basically we were stuck in Glasgow one more day with no plans.

I was furious. This is the second World Heritage Site I would not see on my trip (first we missed Blarney Castle). When you go to Scotland you go to Lochness… and we didn’t.

We tried to find tickets to Edinburgh but the fringe festival was going on so tickets were super expensive. 1184962_10151783191950813_1354749861_n

So we decided to try and sneak into BBC Scottland, do our laundry, go to the movies and then eat Chinese food in our room. Which actually turned out to be the rest and relaxation we needed.

601438_10151783193035813_1602812349_nAs we packed up to leave on our last morning I heard the blaring sounds of bag pipes outside my window. Low and behold there were a troop a Scotts in Kilts practicing outside by the river. Finally after three days I finally found my men in skirts. Mission accomplished.


Did I mention I hate Leprechaun

Next stop Dublin, Ireland!

Where did we stay?

The Abbey Court Hostel 

  • Location: AMAZING. Right night to Temple Bar Street (Only the most famous district in Dublin…).
  • accommodations: Livable. We stay in a 20 bed female room for only $10 a night. So we couldn’t expect the ritz. The bathrooms were all shared (Males and Females) so that was pretty crummy. But it was really an authentic experience.
  • We met some amazing girls and convinced them to join us on a pub crawl.

Jenny and I quickly discovered that single girls from all over the world flock to Ireland. It is safe fo1176231_10151783180245813_943688137_nr solo traveling and every woman loves a ginger with a strong accent. However…there are very few available men on the island. In fact the only guy we really chatted up was on our last night and he was our bar tender.

578378_10151783179990813_1421574582_nOur first day in the city we did the bus tour. Which we decided we should do in every city. It’s an easy way to see the major sites and get your grasp on the layout of the city.

We then went to the Leprechaun museum. I hate leprechaun. I’ve always been a little suspicious of them…okay I just don’t like them! But when in Ireland…you go to the Leprechaun museum. It was actually pretty cool.

Afterwards we went on a ghost tour! It was more hilarious then scary. We learned a lot about the city and then had drinks at a grave yard! Where I determined I don’t like Guinness and drank cider for the rest of the trip.

Day 2:1174984_10151783182395813_1343917098_n

The Cliffs of Moher


Day 3:

Our third day didn’t start off very well. After a few drinks the night before I went to bed early while Jenny stayed out. At some point that night she lost our tickets for a tour of Blarney Castle the next day.

When Jenny told me in the morning we realized that without the tickets we didn’t know where we were supposed to meet our tour or at what time.

Travel Tip: 

  • Take a picture of your tickets with your phone

So we left at 7AM and headed towards the area we thought we were supposed to meet. We searched through a ton of different buses trying to find the correct company. But you wouldn’t believe the amount of tours going to Blarney castle and believe it or not most companies have green tickets (In Ireland…who would have thought?). After a hour of searching we knew we’d missed our tour.

I was extremely upset. Blarney castle was THE THING in Ireland I wanted to see. I didn’t want to be with Jenny for the rest of the day. So I walked down the street to cool off and die a little inside.

While I was licking my wounds Jenny was convincing anot993983_10200296729892158_1002056516_nher tour to take us free of charge. Some how she had managed a really small bus to take us on their trip to Belfast, Northern Ireland!

So reluctantly I got on the bus and sat as far away from Jenny as possible. I needed alone time.

The ride to Northern Ireland was breath-taking and Belfast was pretty cool. It had only recently been opened to American Tourists so I was the first in my well-traveled family to visit Northern Ireland.

While there we visited St.Patricks Cathedral and Dundrum Castle.

Then while we were driving home through the majestic mountains we passed Game of Thrones filming on the mountain side! 993983_10151783185115813_373153701_n

Screen Shot 2014-12-24 at 12.56.44 AM