Alcohol and Tattoos

On our second day we went to Universal Studios. Where again we had amazing luck and encountered virtually no lines. We saw every show and rode every ride in less than half a day. It was fantastic.

After lots of fun we ventured out of the park to Universal way. A magnificent tourist destination full of kitsch restaurants and expensive shops.

While walking around we came upon Hart and Huntington Tattoo Parlor. Ashley decided she wanted to get the Deathly Hollows from Harry Potter Tattoo.


I had been wanting a tattoo for a long time and that “what the heck”. #yolo. So I went ahead and booked my appointment to. We both had 11pm appointments with a tattoo artist who had competed on “Tattoo Wars”.

After all our paper work was complete we had a few hours to kill so we headed to The Hard Rock Cafe. We had a couple of drinks to mellow us out and make us braver and then headed to get our tattoos!

It was relatively painless and I am in love with my new ink!

Screen Shot 2014-12-24 at 1.50.19 PM

It’s from the Vanessa Carlton album “White Rabbits on The Run”. It symbolizes being a leader, following your dreams and getting lost in wonderland.

Geeks invading Florida

For my sister in law Ashley’s birthday we decided to go on a girls trip to Universal Studios Florida! I found an awesome Living Social deal on a hotel and bought tickets using credit card miles. Then used our Military ID’s to get a really good deal on Park tickets. Where did we stay? Sonsol Hotel Accommodations: Fantastic. The hotel had just been remodeled. Everything was very clean, new and modern. Our room was great. The pool area was really nice, although it rained most of our trip and didn’t get to swim. Breakfast kind of lacked, but that was okay. Location: Close to the major parks, but you have to take a taxi ($10 to the park)1618446_10152163295600813_843034221_n 1506396_10152163297075813_1116813273_nDay 1 Since we were spending three days at Universal we decided to go to Islands of Adventure first AKA Harry Potter World. That way we could go again on the third day. We were in the park on a really off weekend in February. So there were basically no crowds. It was great! We did every thing possible at Islands of Adventure. We had to wait for nothing. There were no lines! We had been pre-warned that Harry Potter World would be insanely packed. But because it was the middle of February, a week day and  a little rainy. It was empty. I rode the new coaster twice without waiting! I did lose Ashley for about half an hour. Which was scary. I didn’t have my phone and because it was raining everyone was wearing the same plastic rain ponchos. Eventually we made it back to each other only a little shaken up. 1656023_10152163297285813_279089396_n

Searching for Daniel Radcliffe

We made it to London!

It’s my third time in this magnificent city, but my first time unescorted.

Here’s where we stayed:

1001738_10151783154280813_208374670_nSafestay at Elephant and Castel

  • This Hostel is fantastic! Super clean and very trendy. There are lockers, outlets and lamps for each bed. We stayed in a four bedroom female room and we had our own bathroom.
  • Very close to the Tube.
  • Semi-Safe area… definitely near some dodgy neighborhoods but just stay aware and you’ll be fine.
  • The hostel provided free internet and breakfast

Travel Tip

  • Don’t forget to adjust your cell phone plan before you head to Europe. I was charge about $500 in international roaming and data fees with in the first 6 hours of being in the UK. Luckily I was able to convince my carrier that I did call them and change my plan (a little white lie) and was able to have the charges reversed. Now when I travel I just leave my phone on airplane Mode and use Skype to call people when ever I can get free wifi.

Because Jenny had never been to London I made sure she did all the stereotypical tourist things. We saw London Bridge, The Tower of London and Big Ben. We also took the Big Red Tour Bus. Which is great for sight seeing and picture taking. 945979_10151783154890813_2126018176_n

On our second day in London we met Jenny’s local friend. It was a rare sunny day in London so we took the opportunity to rent bikes and ride through Hyde Park.


We stumbled upon this cute little sausage stand in the middle of the park and had a cinematic picnic in the shade of a willow tree.


The most amazing sandwich!

After riding several miles (we got a little lost) we arrived at Kensington PalacePalace-East-Front_Lg_2We had great time exploring this historic princess palace and its fun and interactive art and fashion exhibits. But my favorite was the  stunning gardens.


Day 3:

Today really tested our travel skills.

  1. I managed to lead us onto the wrong tube. One witch brought us to the outskirts of London and to the end of the line.
  2. Once we got to the train station were pointed to the right platform but were unaware there were two different trains at the same station. We got on the wrong train. We only discovered this after our 45 min ride turned into an hour and half.
  3. The conductor informed us that “You’ve made a costly mistake ladies”. But luckily with some tears from me and Jenny’s American charm we were able to just get kicked off at the next stop free of charge.
  4. Finally while on the correct train to Watford, Hertfordshire. We realized we had missed our 11AM tour of Harry Potter Studios. When you purchase tickets it clearly states that you MUST BE PRESENT for your ticketed time otherwise you forfeit your purchase. So while I cried Jenny called the park and they were very cordial and said everything would be fine.
  5. At last we arrived at the illusive Harry Potter Studios!
  6. When we got through the main entrance line we had our tickets scanned and BEEP. No admittance. They scanned again. BEEP. “Ladies, come with me”. So we were escorted to the help desk. Where we stupidly discovered that our tickets were for…the day before. Some how we had mixed up our itinerary and come on the wrong day.
  7. Harry Potter Studios is much like Disney World. They don’t like to see unhappy people. especially a crying 24 year old. So with a small charge ($15) they let us use our old tickets and we got in.536958_10200296681850957_1901152023_n
  8. Harry Potter Studios was totally worth all the misadventure. It was magical, informative and memorizing.

Since I had just wrapped my first major TV show job (A Haunting S.6) it was really special to see how a big movie was made. I was especially interested in the props and costumes. I was cool to really see where scenes were filmed and how the stories came to life.


1175587_10200296699491398_511759424_n 1186017_10200296696891333_1878348430_n 1004848_10200296681770955_2113244221_n