Bangkok Day 2

Woke up bright and early to beat the crowds at the Thai Grand Palace.

I didn't take this photo...but this is the Grand Palace!

I didn’t take this photo…but this is the Grand Palace!

The Palace is beautiful. So much gold, color and jewels everywhere. Simply breath-taking. Our local guide taught us about the history of the palace and temple. She was very informative and entertaining. She called our group “Sticky Rice”. 10710920_10152721240720813_2234950761692228353_n


  • Get there early to beat the crowds and the mid-day heat
  • You must cover your legs and arms
  • Get a local guide

Unfortunately for my it got really hot really fast. Our “Temple Wear” covered us head to toe and the heat was reflected by the gold and white buildings. So after about an hour of the tour people couldn’t stand and were pretty over the tour. I would’ve liked to have learned more, but it was unbearably hot. So we all voted to move onto another site. 10603678_10152721237130813_1665119826259440717_n

Our next stop was a river tour of the city. Bangkok is known as the Venice of Asia. It was neat seeing the city from the canals. It was also very cool being on the water. I got excited because we passed a temple and fed cat fish at a place that was on The Amazing Race!

Afterwards we had some free time before we had to check out of our hot1920580_10152721247290813_5067742835101362070_nel and head to the train station. I decided to hit the pool up and cool off. I got the pool all to myself. The refreshing pool was exactly what I needed after our exhausting morning. I ordered some delisous food and fresh coconut water and read my kindle. Later people showed up to join me, but for a little bit it was nice to be alone.

We met with our Tour Manager Lee at 4PM and headed to the train station for our over night train ride to Northern Thailand.

Someday I want to come back to Thailand. There’s no way you can experience such a massive city in just two days.

What happens in Bangkok…goes on your blog

First official day of the Contiki Big Indochina Adventure tour kicks off in Bangkok Thailand.

Where did I stay?

Viengtai Hotel

Accommodations: Better than expected. Great sized rooms, clean pool and friendly staff.

Location: We were in a very tourist oriented area. All the restaurants and bars had english menus. So it wasn’t to authentic. But it was a good place to learn the ropes of Asia. Lots of shopping and bars in walking distance.

Day 0:

The night before I met up with some other early birds from the tour and we went out to a bar down the road. Got to know some of the people and I can tell it’s going to be a good group.

Day 1:

My Australian roommate Laura and I woke up and headed to an open air cafe for an amazing breakfast. I had banana french toast and watermelon juice. We didn’t know our hotel provided free breakfast. Whoops. Afterwards we met with the early birds and we decided to venture into the old town and go to the Bangkok zoo. Since it wasn’t to hot and we were all very eager we decided to walk. It was a very long walk. We probably should have hired a tuk tuk. But eventually we made it. By the time we got to the zoo we were all exhausted. The humidity and heat quickly took its toll on all of us. We explored the extremely crowded zoo for a bit and I saw many animals I’d never seen before. Some of us even got to feed giraffes. The zoo was crowded and a bit unnerving because on top of crowds mopeds and cars could drive through the zoo.

After the zoo Laura, my new friend Sam and I decided to head back to the hotel for some R&R. I wanted to catch some rays and chill poolside. I ordered a Singapore Sling and Pad Thai and had a great minuet long dip in the pool until it started down pouring.

Laura, Sam and I then decided to hit up the shops and bars. So we went exploring in the pouring rain. We found this awesome little place called Hippie Bar. Cocktails were buy one, get one free. So I had two very strong drinks. We hung out, listened to vinyl and played with the bar cat. Then we realized we should head back to the hotel so we’d have time to shower before our mandatory Contiki meeting.

While walking bar to our hotel we stumbled (litteraly…we were drunk) upon the street bar in front of Burger King. They had loud music and cheap drinks and it was only 5PM. So we stopped and took part in their buy two get one free deal. Sam had a fish bowl, Laura and I had one and a half drinks each. We promised to come back later that night.

Then we hurried back to the hotel (dirty and wet) for the meeting. We made it just in time and pretty toasted.

During the meeting it was pretty hard to concentrated because I was inebriated, but we learned the Contiki ropes, rules and regulations.

Afterwards we cleaned up and then met the our group of 30 fellow travelers for a family dinner. I ordered something very gross and left pretty hungry. What ever I got had squid in it and I was not a fan. We went back to the Burger King bar and brought some of our new friends.

We managed to get back home somehow.