Plus Size Girls Packing. Guide to South East Asia


Before my trip to South East Asia I scoured the internet for packing advice to a plus size girl. I had very little luck. So in order to save you some time I’ve complied my recommend packing list for a curvy girl traveling in SE Asia.

1. Body Glide (Chub Rub Stick): Thick thighs, humidity and extreme heat do not mix. Invest in body glide! If you bring one thing with you, choose Body Glide! I went through two sticks during my trip. Prevents chaffing and irritation caused by rubbing skin or undergarments.

2. Maxi Dress with sleeves: Many temples in South East Asia require shoulders and knees to be covered for entry. Invest in a light weight maxi dress to look conservativ

Bright colors are a must in the tropics!

Bright colors are a must in the tropics!

e but stylish. This dress can also double as a swim suit cover up!

3. Two Linen or Cotton tank tops: Invest in light weight and flowy fabrics. These are easy to pack, layer and clean. I absolutely lived in my Maurices elephant print tank (pictured above).

4. Chiffon Kimono: Modesty is important while traveling in Asia. It’s okay to wear tank tops when at the beach or riding elephants, but when dining or going to the market I recommend covering up your shoulders with an airy kimono like this Floral Print Kimono from Maurices. 

5. Rose Water Spritz: I swear by Boots Botanics Organic Rosewater Face Spray. It cleanses, cools, and moisturizes your skin.  Check out this article on the benefits of Rose Water.

Invest in layering pieces.

Invest in layering pieces like a vest or kimono. 

6. Soft, flexible and Supportive Bra: Many of the packing tip articles I found suggested do as the natives do and “go braless”. Well as a full figured woman there’s no way I could let the girls dangle. Invest in a great bra. Something that will not retain moisture, move with your body, breath and give support.

7. Bring simple t-shirts: I wish I had brought two plain, simple, yet chic t-shirts with me on my trip. I can’t tell you how many mornings I went through my suitcase and simply did not want to put on any of my frilly blouses!


Invest in loose fitting, breathable tops to keep cool.

8. Don’t bring dainty flip flops: When walking through Bangkok you can play “I spy the broken flip flop!” From crowds stepping on your heals, getting sunk in mud, or just plain bad luck your “Old Navy” $5 thongs will break. Invest in sturdier sandles. I suggest Birkenstocks. They are super fashionable right now. Plus they have a life time guarantee!


Invest in “Harem Pants” before you leave. Plus sizes are hard to find at the local markets.

9. Don’t bring jeans: Jeans are heavy, stiff and downright miserable when wet. If you’re like me and love the look of jean shorts then find some shorts with a synthetic jean like appearance (like these from Maurices).

10. Beach Babe Texturizing Sea Salt Spray: Ditch you curling irons, flats irons and hair spray. Your hair will not withhold the humidity. Use a Sea salt spray to add sexy, tousled waves and a light matte finish to any hair type.

11. Beware Harem Pants: When in SE Asia you will be surrounded by stick thin hippies wearing “Elephant Pants“. You will desperately want to join the cult. However as a size 14+ girl you will struggle to pants that fit in the local markets. I tore three pairs during my trip! So think ahead and find a pair at your mall before your trip. They’re all over the stores right now!

12. Flattering, but conservative swim apparel: Modesty is always important in Asia. I love my body but when I rocked my cleavage boosting bikini on our first seaside outing I felt like I was given death stares at by the locals. I’m a confident woman but I did not like the glares.


I wish I had brought a suit more like this cute, flattering tankini.

13. Bright Lip Stain and eye liner: You’re going on vacation so why not give your skin a break as well? Ditch all of your make-up and go all natural. Everyone else will as well. Plus any foundation, ect. will just melt off in the humidity. My essentials in Asia were my bright coral lip stick by Pixi brand (Target) and liquid eye-liner for fancy nights out.

14. No Jewlery: Twice on my trip girls lost their jewelry and one girl had her jewlery stolen from her suitcase at the airport! Don’t brink expensive rings, necklaces or family heirlooms with you! It’s not worth it. Instead pick up some cool accessories at the local markets!

15. Scarf: I have a rainbow scarf that has now been two 6 countries with me. It is my number one travel accessory. Invest in a large scarf that can double as a sarong, shirt, blanket, towel, bag, and more! Carry it with you all the time. It will keep you warm, modest, stylish and protected from the sun when needed.


This temple in Thailand required your knees to be covered. Good thing I had my trusty scarf with me!

Want more information on what I packed?


Check out my detailed packing list for my Big Indochina Adventure!

Packing for Indochina!

I leave in just a few days for my trip to Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam with the Big Indochina Adventure. Packing for South East Asia is pretty tricky. The weather is hot so you’ll be tempted to back just shorts and tank tops, but Indochina is a conservative country and proper coverage is needed in public and in many temples and restaurants. You have to pack pants and t-shirts for temple wear. You can always buy clothes in Asia but for a plus size girl like me, it might be hard to find the right sizes.

Here’s what I’m packing for 30 days in SE Asia: 

*I’ve stricken through things I didn’t wear or shouldn’t have brought!


Screen Shot 2014-12-24 at 10.12.21 PMAccessories: 

  • Panamahat from J.Crew (Got sick of carrying it around, folded it, ruined it and eventually threw it away)
  • Rainbow Saraong
  • 2 Swimsuits (Should have brought just one)
  • Orange Purse from J.Crew
  • Black Bigger Purse from Target (Didn’t use, Tossed)
  • Wind Breaker (Never Worn)
  • Grid it organizers
  • Two Out Go Quick Dry Towels


  • 1 Maxi dress
  • 2 day dresses (Tossed one)
  • 3 Blouses (Only wore one of the three) from Maurices
  • 2 T-shirts (I should’ve packed at least 4) from Torrid
  • 2 Tank Tops (Should’ve packed more)
  • Romper from Maurices
  • Vest


  • Hawaiian Tropics Lotions
  • Bug Spray
  • Aveeno Face Wipes
  • Bronzer with SPF
  • Waterproof Mascara
  • D.O


  • Sewing Kit (A Must have! Saved my life twice!)
  • Adaptor  (All outlets take the american insert!)
  • Playing Cards (Someone else will bring them)
  • Portable Charge
  • Headphones
  • Travel Pillow (It kept falling on the ground everywhere, so for cleanliness sake I tossed it)
  • Small Day Pack


  • A pair of Yoga or Long light weight pants (For Temple wear) Eventually I was able to find Elephant Pants in my size, but it would’ve been easier if I had just brought a pair from home)
  • More underwear! You get so hot and sweaty I was wearing two a day usually.
  • Something a little dressier for clubbing
  • Noise Reducing Headphones (to block out loud fellow travelers on the bus and train)