After a short coach ride along the stunning coast of Southern Italy we arrived in Sorrento.

I’m no longer in the triple share room. I’m pretty bummed about it because Mollie, Stephanie and get on so well. Now I’m in a double room with a girl named Alex.

Most people wanted to nap before going out at night but I convinced a couple of girls to walk about the town with me. It was windy but the views were worth it! The water is so blue and its fastinating seeing the houses built into the cliffsides.

We returned about an hour before we needed to meet for dinner so I took a power nap!

Where did I stay? Sisters Hostel on Via Francesco Caracciolo (No website)

DSC00767 DSC00779
Before dinner we tasted Aperol Spritz, a traditional italian aperitf. It’s a cocktail with prosecco, aperol, soda water and a slice orange.Then we headed to this massive resturaunt for a four course dinner and lots of wine! After dinner we headed to a local bar where we crashed a 1 year old birthday party! The bar was very strange…and we quickly found out why… all of the patrons were 16 year old boys from New Jersey! That didn’t keep us from dancing and flirting. it was all in good fun!

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