What I’m Packing for Italy

Screen Shot 2015-01-11 at 10.00.40 AMMy last trip really taught me what I need and don’t need when I travel. So for my trip to Italy I’m really narrowing down my packing list and bringing only the essentials. Above is a picture of my wardrobe for the next 12 days. I’m packing an assortment of clothes that are the same color palate (Red, white, black), all interchangeable and layerable. The weather in Italy will be cold but manageable. The same climate as where I currently live. So it won’t be to much of a shock. I’m excited about my outfits for this trip. In Asia I always wanted to be a cool (literally) as possible. So the less clothes the better and basically I didn’t care what I looked like. However on this tour I plan on looking put together and showing off my fashion sense. I can’t wait to rock my new boots and black vest! I’ll be going for a mod, sixties look the entire trip. I’m super stoked.

2 thoughts on “What I’m Packing for Italy

  1. danielleellison says:

    I’m going on this same trip this year! Can’t wait! I’m just wondering how many shirts/sweaters/etc are in this picture. Did you do laundry there? This is the one aspect I’m thinking about already!


    • sagenlavender says:

      Are you going in the winter time? If so you should never need to do laundry! Most of the time you’ll be wearing a coat so no one can judge you if you repeat outfits. Plus it’s only 2 weeks. So pack light. I brought one tshirt, two long sleeves, a pullover, cardigan, button down, two tank tops for layering, one dressy romper and one club dress.


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