On a whim I’m going to Italy!

This morning I woke up and started cruising the Contiki Last Minute Deals webpage and found an amazing deal on a tour of Italy! So I bought it.

When I returned from my trip to Asia I didn’t expect to have a job until the end of January. But I got an episode of a show and a commercial, so I had a little influx of money. Then I found out that all of my friends were going places for New Years so I was feeling pretty down. So extra money + no new years plans = going to Italy.

This is most spontaneous thing I have ever done. I was literally shaking when I talked to Contiki on the phone. It’s crazy that I leave in less than a week. I feel so unprepared but very excited!

Here’s the trip I’m taking: Simply Italy 

Where am I going? Rome, Sorrento, Florence, Venice, Milan and La Spezia simply-italy-winter-map-600x600

What am I excited about? New Years Eve Celebration, Seeing the Collosuem, gondola ride in Venice, seeing Pompeii and Pisa!


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