Floating Villages, Siem Reap Cambodia

This morning no one was sad to leavePhnomPenh. We were all ready to depart the noise and congestion of the city and head to cleaner air and calm. We found this inSiem Reap.Siem Reap is a townsteaped in history, French colonial charm and Khmer culture.

We checked into our beautiful 5 star hotel Casa Angkor then headed to Tonle Sap, South East Asia’s biggest fresh water lake. On boat we toured the floating villages and crocodile farm. It was interesting to see such a different way of life. The people live in boats on the water their whole lives! They have boat shops, restaurants and schools. I loved seeing the brightly colored boats and homes.149377_10152743605210813_7931250949720401317_n

I did not enjoy the crocodile farm. It wasn’t really a farm. They just had a bunch of trapped crocodiles stuck in a very small cage. Tourists could pay to tease the crocs with large fish. I thought it was a very cruel and inhumane situation.  10346459_10152743606135813_1984422104842932812_n

After the tour Becky and I chilled by the pool before meeting for our group dinner.

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