Amputees, French things and Vodka.

This morning we traveled through the countryside to the capital city of Vientiane, Laos.

Where did I stay?

Inter City Hotel

We visited the Cope Center. Which is an education and rehabilitation center for Lao people affected by UXOs. It was a little disheartening because much of the blame for war, bombings and death is placed upon Americans. But the country is very progressive and forgiving now. I donated $50 which is quite a lot. I hope that my donation can help positively affect someones life.

Then we were taken on a city tour where we were shown some of the important government buildings and the “Arc De Triumph” of Laos. I climbed to the top and found a great panoramic view of the bustling capital. The city is modern and booming. It’s strange to think that just a short distance away people are living in shacks without electricity.

Afterwards we strolled towards another temple. It was really cool because a huge festival was going on. So there were busy markets, street foodies, entertainment and music. It was a blast and I wish we could’ve spent more time at the concert we stumbled upon. But we were hustled back onto the bus.

For dinner we went to a really swanky three story resturaunt. We had the whole third floor to ourselves. I ordered strawberry cider, spring rolls and a hot plate. I also got some free drinks from one of the boys who bought a bottle of vodka. Contiki kids can really drink. :p

Tomorrow we head to Cambodia!

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