Not So Smooth Flying

Left almost 36 hours ago from Norfolk bound for Thailand. It has not been the smoothest journey. I had a 12 hour layover in JFK. An emergency stop in London and then a delayed departure from Germany. The layover delays caused me to miss my connection from Singapore to Bangkok. Because I missed my flight due to airline issues Singapore Airlines gave me a hotel room and meal vouchers for my now 12 hour layover in Singapore. Once I finally reach Bangkok I will have been traveling for almost 72 hours. I will also have lost a full day in Bangkok. Nevertheless I’m in good spirits still.


  • Singapore Airlines is fantastic. The service was brilliant. The seats were comfy and the inflight food and entertainment were above average. Plus I think the stewardess are all from mars. They’re all beautiful! Where do they find these women?

Sunflower Garden in the Singapore Airport


Becoming a pro solo traveler

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