Don’t go to Disney when you’re sick

Today we made the huge mistake of going to Eurodisney.993369_10151783220150813_2055094664_n

  1. Because Jenny was massively sick.
  2. I’ve already been there.
  3. It’s very expensive.
  4. It’s just like Disney in America.

I don’t know why we decided to go. I think we would’ve had a better time exploring Paris more. But we went to Euro Disney.

Jenny was at the middle stages of some sort of head cold/flu and she was not a happy camper. So a majority of the time there was spent by me trying to cheer her up. Also Disney doesn’t have very many actual rides. Like the Disney in America it’s catered to children. So most of the rides are animatronics train or boat rides. The lines in the park were insane. So I think we only ended getting on five or six things before we left.1175627_10151783220600813_69001212_n

The whole trip was kind of a bust. But now I know. When in Europe don’t go to Disney. 1078122_10200245993823788_1609516630_n

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