How to find a man in a kilt.

1186026_10151783189645813_1306281738_nI wish we had allowed more than two days in Scotland. Glasgow quickly became one of my favorite cities, and it think Jenny’s least favorite?

Sometimes when you travel with a friend you get to learn more about them. I’ve learned that while Jenny and I are similar in many ways we travel very differently. I like to get up early, walk everywhere and see EVERYTHING. Jenny likes to sleep in, hang out and a move through sites a little slower.

My admiration for walking created a problem early on because Jenny had left her good walking shoes in Richmond. So she was having a lot of feet problems.

To be fair by the time we reached Glasgow we had been traveling for over a week so we were both pretty tired. But Jenny just seemed kind of over it. I wanted to walk through Glasgow university but I had to drag her along. She even fell asleep on our bus tour. But I did convince her to wake up and go to a really cool restaurant built inside an old church. She had haggis and said it was the best thing she’d ever eaten.

Where did we stay?

Euro Hostel Glasgow

Accommodations: After over a week of sharing dorm rooms we paid a little extra ($25 per night) to have our own room with a bunk bed.

Location: Excellent. Within walking distance of major streets and sites.

Service: TERRIBLE. Let me explain…

  • We booked a trip through the hostel to go to Lochness in advance. The hotel LOST our reservation. Even though I had my confirmation number and everything they said they had already sold our seats to someone else. Since it was so last min there were no other companies in town with availability. So basically we were stuck in Glasgow one more day with no plans.

I was furious. This is the second World Heritage Site I would not see on my trip (first we missed Blarney Castle). When you go to Scotland you go to Lochness… and we didn’t.

We tried to find tickets to Edinburgh but the fringe festival was going on so tickets were super expensive. 1184962_10151783191950813_1354749861_n

So we decided to try and sneak into BBC Scottland, do our laundry, go to the movies and then eat Chinese food in our room. Which actually turned out to be the rest and relaxation we needed.

601438_10151783193035813_1602812349_nAs we packed up to leave on our last morning I heard the blaring sounds of bag pipes outside my window. Low and behold there were a troop a Scotts in Kilts practicing outside by the river. Finally after three days I finally found my men in skirts. Mission accomplished.


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