Colorado is for Food

My trip to Denver can be described with three of my favorite words: Food, Alcohol and Men.

I was lucky enough to travel to Denver with a great co-worker who I’ll call Parker. Parker is super charismatic and sweet. He’s older then me but we had a blast pub crawling and site seeing together. I also met some of his charming and um…handsome friends.


I quickly discovered that if you’re a single lady you should visit Denver. The Male to Female ratio is about 10 to 1. So the odds are in your favors ladies!


Then people in Denver are also all very happy and healthy. Which might be because of “green therapy”. But I think it’s really because the city is surrounded by glorious scenery, tons of outdoor adventures and hundreds of amazing bars and boutique restaurants. The great thing about business trips is per diem! Meaning you get paid extra for meals and expenses. So I ate like a queen for the whole week. I’ve featured some of my favorite morsels.


67770_10151732602310813_2048441744_n 969752_10151732602515813_1386413222_n 1045073_10151732602355813_1745541601_n 15049_10151732602290813_1911876277_n 994240_10151732603090813_148993852_n

Most of my time exploring the city was spent bar side or at a dinner table. The rest was spent working my booty off with the Air Force. But I had a blast and met a ton of really fun guys.

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