Elvis, Baby…and that’s about it.

Today I did what you do when you visit Memphis. I went to Graceland and Arcade Restaurant.

I have never been to a restaurant on my own. I know as a 24-year-old that may seem strange. But it’s true. So I was nervous when I walked into the famous Arcade diner. Luckily I was able to sit at the bar, so it didn’t feel so strange to me. I was amongst other travelers who were also have breakfast with themselves. Eating alone wasn’t that bad and it helped that the service and food was super fast. I had fried french toast and it was divine.


Believe me when I say I have no interest in Elvis. Sure his music is good, but before Graceland I wouldn’t have considered myself a fan. But after visiting his mansion, seeing his wardrobe, learning about the man behind the music I felt obligated to purchase the “Best of Elvis” CD. I listened to it twice on the 4 hour drive from Memphis to Nashville. I am now a fan of The King.

Tips for Graceland:

  • Get there when it opens
  • Avoid going with a large group
  • Upgrade to the VIP pass. It’s only $20 more and you’ll avoid having to wait in line and you’ll get access to a VIP only museum and bus!
  • Don’t eat on campus. Go someplace else in Memphis. There are tons of cheap and delicious BBQ joints right around Graceland. Don’t pay the tourist prices and get something more authentic.


I’ve also discovered that there’s not much else happening in Memphis. There’s a cute but small downtown area. But the surrounding city is dodgy and dirty. You definitely don’t need to spend three days there like I did. Basically you can see the city in about 12 hours.

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