Living out of my suitcase for the next 7 weeks

I will be leaving behind my comfortable apartment and cuddly kitty for the next seven weeks to work and travel! I couldn’t be more ecstatic to be able to travel and make money! I will be working on a humanitarian project in Tennessee for three weeks and then with the National Guard for a week in Denver, Colorado. Afterwards I’ll be spending three weeks in Europe with my good friend Jenny!

I will be leaving for Memphis in just a few days. I will travel strait from Tennessee to Colorado. After Colorado I’ll be heading to Richmond for two days before departing for London! I’m not going to have a chance to come home to Norfolk so I have to pack everything I need for three separate and very different types of trips. Luckily I will be able to leave a suitcase for Europe with my friend who’s meeting me in Richmond. So I don’t have to cart that around the US.

How do you pack your life away?

How do you pack your life away?

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